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I spent an evening at Le Windsor Hotel of Montreal, Quebec with…



 Mr. Douglas came to a Gala Benefit for the McGill Head and Neck Cancer Fund on May 3rd, 2011!


 He came to Montreal on a mission. He wanted to give back to the local hospital that first detected his throat cancer — a disease several of his American doctors had missed.

In appreciation, Mr. Douglas offered to help raise money for the McGill University-affiliated hospital.

The hospital asked him to come up to Canada as their honoured invitee for a $375-a-head (I know, I know…a little pricey but worth every penny!)  gala at a downtown hotel.  Guests who wanted more time with Douglas shelled out $740 for VIP tickets, giving them access to his pre-event, meet-and-greet cocktail. The  evening with Mr. Douglas lasted for more than four hours!

At this fundraiser, Mr. Douglas was humble, kind and had no issues rubbing elbows with local ticket-holders, well-heeled guests ( I wore the hottest heels known to man), signed autographs and posed for countless photos!

In his speech, to all assembled, he spoke of the moment when Dr. Saul Frenkiel of Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital found a tumour in his throat.

“He came up really close to me and said ‘Open your mouth,’ and put a tongue depressor on my tongue,” Douglas said in the eight-minute address.

“I looked in his eyes and I knew what I had, and it was sort of a surprised look on his face because I don’t think he expected it.”

“Then he said, ‘Well, we’ll need a biopsy.’ And I said, ‘Biopsy? Of what?’ ”

A couple of days later, Frenkiel phoned Douglas and told him he had cancer!

Last year, Douglas underwent radiation and chemotherapy treatments in the states for a walnut-sized tumour. His cancer is now gone! YEAH!

The Montreal gala sold a record 600 tickets  and over $1-million was expected to be raised. Did I tell you, he also auctioned himself off?  One of the big prizes was the chance at a round of golf with Michael and his gorgeous wife  Catherine Zeta-Jones in the Laurentians! I did not win and unfortunately, Catherine could not make it to the Gala.

Another highlight of the evening that had me in tears (I cried as politely as possible, lol) was viewing my fellow Quebecer, Celine Dion delivering a special and touching video message to Michael Douglas LIVE! Celine was positive, encouraging and committed to the fight against cancer. Celine’s husband Renee also had a bout with Cancer and survived!

 What an amazing, beautiful, and academy award-winning evening for all!

It was a night to remember and evening I will never forget…EVER!


Thank you Michael Douglas for coming and bringing awareness to Cancer; for your positive attitude; your love of family, and giving us H O P E!


 Cancer may leave your body, but it never leaves your mind”~Michael Douglas


Here is a video of the events brought to you by the Canadian Press: Click on the LINK BELOW: 


Written by: An Avid Writer (@AnAvidWriter on Twitter)