is a person’s particular and individual style of writing with pen or pencil. Specific shape of letters, e.g. their roundness or sharpness, all are unique to each person.


Jane Austen: “Miss Austen noticeably slants to the right in her cursive.  This is normal for people of highly expressive natures.  She shows her emotions, feels comfortable expressing herself, and demonstrates compassion.  She easily sympathizes with others.”


Charles Dickens: ” For the most part, Dickens seems to have high self-esteem, meaning he sets high goals for himself and is willing to take risks to reach them.  This can be seen in the fact that he crosses his ‘t’s at the top (or very nearly) of the stems.



Emily Dickinson: “The rightward slant of Dickinson’s handwriting shows that she is emotionally expressive.  She is likely more heart-ruled than head-ruled.  She often relies more on her desires rather than data or pure judgment.  She is affectionate and sympathetic, expressing what she feels.”



J.K Rowlings: “Rowling’s handwriting is mainly straight up and down with a slight slant to the right.  People with this type of vertical slant are judgment-ruled and rarely get carried away by their emotions (except in occasions of high stress or anger).  You may not know what they are feeling much of the time because they usually keep their emotions hidden.  Since there are a few slight rightward slants as well, we can deduce that Rowling does show her emotions sometimes, and she has the ability to be sympathetic toward others.  This type of slant, coupled with Rowling’s smallish writing indicates that she has a rather introverted nature.”

W.A. Mozart: “Mozart’s writing seems to be heavy, especially in his signature.  It is dark and would probably leave indents on the other side of the paper on which he wrote.  This is a sign of emotional intensity.  Writers with this trait tend to feel all their emotions deeply and intensely.  Their emotions last for a long time, whether they be feelings of anger, love, excitement, etc..”


What does your hand writing say about your personality?



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